Message from the Chairman

Jiangxi Muzi's Industrial Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi Muzi's Industrial Co., Ltd.

Sincerely thank every friend who pays attention to Muzi, because of your understanding, trust, care and support, Muzi has been able to develop steadily. Muzi's commitment to the environmental protection tableware industry will continue to innovate and forge ahead, overcome technological difficulties, and add color to the glory of the new era. In this process, we did not slack in the slightest, and always interpreted our original intention with gratitude and professionalism: people-oriented, win-win cooperation.
       We have established the enterprise spirit of "unity, integrity, forge ahead, innovation", adopted world-standard technology and equipment, and learned from advanced management experience. We have gradually become the forefront of China's disposable environmentally friendly tableware industry in terms of technology, scale and management. Work hard for people's happiness, start from bit by bit, start from ourselves to improve our products and services, and build a people-oriented harmonious enterprise. We will continue to move towards internationalization and take pride in providing international quality disposable tableware and services.
       People-oriented, win-win cooperation. Our belief is to provide protection for people's convenient life and contribute to the environmental protection of the earth, and we have been working hard to fulfill this oath: pass on value, honor, trust and respect to employees, and pass on equal cooperation and sincere reciprocity to cooperation To pass on health, friendship and true feelings to the society; continue to uphold the quality tenet of "guaranteeing reputation with quality and safety". For the convenience of everyone, for our living environment, my colleagues and I will work hard and unwaveringly!
       I would like to join hands with all my friends, unite and forge ahead to create a better future.


Create market demand

In-depth study of customer needs, timely discovering, mining and leading future market opportunities, and constantly creating new market needs.


Expand market share

Through aggressive development and expansion strategies, we strive to expand the market and provide more customers with surprises and high-quality products and services.


Cultivate customer loyalty

Continuously develop new products, improve existing products, improve service quality, and cultivate and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Address:Binjiang Electromechanical Industry Base, Yuanzhou District, Yichun City, Jiangxi Province

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It mainly produces bamboo fiber tableware series, household series, kitchenware series, disposable tableware series, and has passed the inspection of SGS, FDA and other relevant authorities.

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